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"Wherever You're From, When You're Here, You're Home"

Gabarus, Nova Scotia is a small, picturesque fishing village on the Southeast coast of Cape Breton island. Today, the community consists of 78 full time residents The population swells to 200-plus in the summer, when seasonal residents return each year to enjoy the sea, the surf and the fantastic local seafood, often shared with full-time residents who welcome the annual ‘invasion’.

Our community is located at the end of provincial highway 327, which ends at the shores of the Atlantic. Many residents occupy homes around and overlooking Gabarus Harbour, which still provides bounteous seafood harvests each year.

With its intact collection of 19th century homes, its lovely protected fishing harbour and spectacular cobble and sand beaches, Gabarus is one of those special places, which offer us a glimpse into the past, while at the same time providing 21st century amenities.

Essentially, Gabarus has a great bay of the North Atlantic as its front yard and 10,000 acres of provincial wilderness area as its backyard. Lovely beaches and scenic hiking trails make Gabarus an ideal home for nature lovers.

The name of Gabarus traces back to a family of Basque fishermen sea captains and international traders who arrived here from Cap Breton France, according to family histories, as early as 1392. Barthelemy de Cabarrus, one of the prominent sea captains of Cap Breton, first arrived in this area to trade with the French garrison at Louisbourg circa 1713, when the Fortress Louisbourg was being built. He continued this trade until his death in 1733, at which point his son and grandsons carried on the trade with Louisbourg, until the family was seized from a French ship attempting to evade the British blockade during the last siege of the fortress in 1758.


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